How do I book an appointment?


booking your appointment with SBL is made simple. Just click the link services or schedule an appointment and you'll be redirected to our booking site.

No. Only if your acquiring an appointment for color, extension or sisterlocks.


We don’t take walk-ins, however, we do book same-day appointments. Go to our online booking portal, or call 972-672-2735.

Do I have to book a consultation if I'm a new client?

Do you accept walk-ins?

Simple hair care



1. While you sleep- Always sleep with a satin or silk scarf. This preserves & protects your natural hair and protective style. 

2. Think of your hair as a plant feed it and give it the proper nutrient and care so it can grow.

3. Proper hair care will help you retain growth.


4. Deep condition & trim your hair offended.

5. Establish a healthy hair regimen.


6.  Stay consistent. 

About Sisterlocks

Sisterlocks® is a trademarked locking method that was invented just over 20 years ago by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell that differs significantly from traditional locking methods. Only trained certified Sisterlocks® associates like Lamonica are able to give official Sisterlocks®. Much smaller and lightweight than traditional locs, Sisterlocks® enable easy manipulation of difficult and intricate styles. Sisterlocking is a process that begins with an initial consultation, followed by a lengthy locking appointment with a certified specialist, and finalized with a retightening appointment. For authentic Sisterlocks® and Brotherlocks®, special tools and methods must be used, so it is important that it performed by an experienced salon with certified locticians.